Providing Health Insurance for

North Country Chamber of Commerce

  • Adirondack Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Central Adirondack Association
  • Gore Mountain Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Inlet Area Business Association
  • Malone Chamber of Commerce
  • North Warren Chamber of Commerce
  • Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Stony Creek Chamber of Commerce
  • Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Whiteface Region Business & Tourism Center




Guardian Dental Insurance

Who is eligible?

Any company or person who is a member of the North Country Chamber of Commerce or our partner chambers. Any employee of a company that is a chamber member.



When can you enroll?

Open enrollment is from June 1 through June 17, 2016.

 A chamber member new to the health insurance program can enroll at that time.

Any new members to the chamber can enroll within 30 days of joining the chamber.



# of People                                          Rate per Month

Single                                                     $29.24

Two Person (Adult/Spouse)                       $60.60

Family Plan (1 or 2 adults and child(ren)   $126.95





Your Dental Plan:                       PPO

Your Network Is:                       Dental Guard Preferred

Calendar year deductible:          In Network     Out-of-Network

     Individual:                              $50                   $50

     Family limit:                                  3 per family ($150)

     Waived for:                            Preventative        None

Charges Covered:

     Preventative Care:                  100%                80%

     Basic Care:                              80%                60%

     Major Care:                             50%                 50%

     Orthodontia                             50%                 50%

Annual Maximum Benefit:              $1500               $1500

Maximum Roll Over:                                YES

      Rollover Threshold                             $700

      Rollover Amount                                $350

      Rollover In-network Amount             $500

      Rollover Account Limit                      $1250

Lifetime Orthodontia maximum:              $1500

Depentent Age Limits:                                26