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North Country Chamber of Commerce

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  • Central Adirondack Association
  • Gore Mountain Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Inlet Area Business Association
  • Malone Chamber of Commerce
  • North Warren Chamber of Commerce
  • Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce
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Blue Shield of Northeastern New York

Agents can help you with individual Blue Shield of NE NY Policies both on and off the marketplace. Call Lisa at 518-563-1000 for more information or email


**** New EX Plans from Blue Shield for 2017 - 2018****

Expanded (EX) network plans: 

• Enhanced network access with POS locally, PPO for out-of-area

• Available for employees who work and/or live in the BlueShield service area


2018 - First Quarter

Blue Shield Northeastern New York Groups 2-50

Requires a minimum of two contracts.  Sub and Child rates available. Current Clinton and Essex County Rates are shown below. Rates for other counties are available upon request and may vary.

***This is just an example of products available. There are many to choose from and more information is available upon request.

Platinum Standard POS

No Deductible - $15/$35 Co-pay
Prescription: $10/$30/$60 
Individual:    $840.82
Sub/Spouse: $1681.64
Family:         $2396.33 (Plus pediatric dental charge)

Platinum EX

No Deductible - $15/$20 Co-pays First 3 adult PCP Visits $0

Prescription: $10/$35/$70

Individual:    $878.04

Sub/Spouse: $1756.08

Family:         $2502.41


Gold Standard POS

Deductible: $600 Indv/$1200 Family

CO-Pay:       $25/$40 subject to deductible
Prescription: $10/$35/$70
Individual:    $736.68
Sub/Spouse: $1473.36
Family:         $2099.54 (plus pediatric dental charge)

Gold EX Plan - POS/PPO Wrap

Deductible: $500 Indv/$1000 family embedded

Co-Pay: $25/$50 ($0 pediatric PCP visits)

Prescription: $4/$35/$70

Individual:    $742.07

Sub/Spouse: $1484.14

Family:         $2114.90 (plus pediatric dental charge)


Silver Standard POS

Deductible: $2000 Indv/$4000 Family

Co-Pay:         $30/$50 after deductible
Prescription:  $10/$35/$70

Individual:     $649.58
Sub/Spouse:  $1299.16
Family:          $1851.31 (plus pediatric dental charge)


Silver EX 8000

Deductible: $3250 Indv/$6500 family

Co-Insurance: 0% after deductible

Prescription: $10/$35/$70 after deductible met

Individual:     $674.66

Sub/Spouse:  $1349.32

Family:          $1922.78 (plus pediatric dental charge)


Bronze Standard POS

Deductible: $4000 Indv/ $8000 Family 

Co-Insurance: 50%
Prescription: $10/$35/$70 *after deductible is met
Individual:    $555.82
Sub/Spouse: $1111.64
Family:         $1584.08 (plus pediatric dental charge)


Bronze Value

Deductible: $6650 Indv/$13,300 Family Embedded

Co-Insurance: 0% after deductible met

Prescription: 0% after deductible met

Individual:    $579.28

Sub/Spouse: $1158.56

Family:         $1650.95 (plus pediatric dental charge)


 **Pediatric dental charges are not included and are additional at approximately $22.09 per child.

All plans have prescription drug benefits as required under the ACA.