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North Country Chamber of Commerce

  • Adirondack Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Central Adirondack Association
  • Gore Mountain Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Inlet Area Business Association
  • Malone Chamber of Commerce
  • North Warren Chamber of Commerce
  • Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Stony Creek Chamber of Commerce
  • Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Whiteface Region Business & Tourism Center




Blue Shield of Northeastern New York

Agents can help you with individual Blue Shield of NE NY Policies both on and off the marketplace. Call Lisa at 518-563-1000 for more information or email


**** New EX Plans Coming from Blue Shield for 2017**** **

Expanded (EX) network plans: 

• Enhanced network access with POS locally, PPO for out-of-area

• Available for employees who work and/or live in the BlueShield service area


2nd Quarter 2017

Blue Shield Northeastern New York Groups 2-50

Requires a minimum of two contracts.  Sub and Child rates available. Current Clinton and Exxex County Rates are shown below. Rates for other counties are available upon request and may vary.

Pediatric dental charges are not and are additional at approximately $22.09 per child.

This is just an example of products available. There are many to choose from and more information is available upon request.

Platinum Standard POS

No Deductible - $15/$35 Co-pay
Prescription: $10/$30/$60 
Individual:    $766.65
Sub/Spouse: $1532.90
Family:         $2184.38 (Plus pediatric dental charge)


Platinum EX 5000

No Deductible - $25/$40 Co-pays

Prescription: $4/$35/$70

Individual:    $794.67

Sub/Spouse: $1589.34

Family:         $2264.81 



Gold Standard POS

Deductible: $600 Indv/$1200 Family

CO-Pay:       $25/$40 
Prescription: $10/$35/$70
Individual:    $665.63
Sub/Spouse: $1331.26
Family:         $1897.05 (plus pediatric dental charge)


Gold EX Plan

Deductible: $500 Indv/$1000 family

Co-Pay: $25/$50

Prescription: $4/$35/$70

Individual:    $682.17

Sub/Spouse: $1364.34

Family:         $1944.19


Silver Standard POS

Deductible: $2000 Indv/$4000 Family

Co-Pay:         $30/$50 
Prescription:  $10/$35/$70
Individual:     $576.64
Sub/Spouse:  $1153.28
Family:          $1643.43


Silver EX 8000

Deductible: $3000 Indv/$6000 family

Co-Insurance: 0% after deductible

Prescription: $10/$35/$70 after deductible met

Individual:     $585.87

Sub/Spouse:  $1171.74

Family:          $1669.73


Bronze Standard POS

Deductible: $4000 Indv/ $8000 Family 

Co-Insurance: 50%
Prescription: $10/$35/$70 *after deductible is met
Individual:    $487.78
Sub/Spouse: $975.56
Family:         $1390.17 (plus pediatric dental charge)


Bronze EX

Deductible: $6450 Indv/$12,900 Family

Co-Insurance: 0% after deductible

Prescription: 0% after deductible

Individual:    $516.63

Sub/Spouse: $1033.26

Family:         $1472.39



All plans have prescription drug benefits as required under the ACA.